Certificate Forgery: Adamawa lawmakers says won’t probe Governor Bindow


The Adamawa State House of Assembly on Monday rejected a request by a political pressure group in the state, Black Cap Revolution Movement, to probe an allegation of certificate forgery against Governor Jibirilla Bindow.

The Speaker of the house, Kabiru Mijinyawa, who presided over the plenary said the house had received the letter of request for the probe but would not conduct it as the matter is already before a court.

Mr Mijinyawa said the house’s Standing Rules do not allow it to dabble into matters that are before a court.

“We cannot discuss anything before the court. We have no authority to do that,” he said.

The group had on Friday in a letter addressed to the speaker of the house signed by its chairman, Mustafa Ribadu, urged the assembly to investigate the allegation which has been in the public domain.

“We write this letter with all sense of responsibility and patriotism to this Honourable House to convey our concern and worry over the deafening silence of Adamawa State House of Assembly on certificate saga of His Excelkency, Gov. Bindow.

“We sincerely believe the Honourable house is aware of the allegation leveled against the governor on certificate forgery, which is a criminal offense. The case is in public domain, as it was reported by many newspapers..

“As a youth group who believes in the rule of law, and tenets of our great party we found the news very disturbing and hence need urgent action from this Honourable house,” the letter read in part.



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