If Nyako is Impeached…

If Gov. Murtla Nyako and his deputy, Bala Ngilari, were finally impeached, federal apparatus will heavily descent on Nyako; his political disciples will en masse desert him, while his antagonists will jubilate.

There will be serious manoeuvres and horse–trading by those who championed the impeachment- to grab for themselves, allies or political sons and daughters any available political position.
Speaker, Umar Fintiri will be the greatest beneficiary- he will be the acting governor. However, government patronage and appeasement will be the order of the day- Fintiri, will, with every effort, try to be the good guy ( any one that finds him/herself in such situation will behave same)- because, the PDP governorship ticket will be few inches away from his grab. On the other hand, all the members of the Adamawa House of Assembly will be  ‘governors’ – one of their own is in control. 
Deputy gov. Ngilari, who has the best chance of getting the PDP governorship ticket before his name was included in the impeachment proceeding, will greatly lose ground- unlucky man; he found himself in a state where tongue, faith and mundane issues determine who gets what.
If Fintiri, at the end of the day becomes the acting gov, from that time till the next governorship elections, politics will replace policies and genuine good governance- and nothing can be done about it. 
Nyako, if impeached, he will make history- he became governor through confusion, led by confusion and kicked-out amidst confusion as well as a confused man.

Zayyad I. Muhammad, writes from Jimeta, Adamawa State, zaymohd@yahoo.com, 08036070980


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