Reasons Kanawa Prefer Gandollars to Abba! BY: Kabir Tsakuwa


First, let me appreciate the brotherly concern shown by Nigerians about Kano re-run election. Indeed, the special attention given to the issue across the length and breadth of the country and beyond, goes to show the high esteem by which Nigerians regard Kano and its people. Thank you very much for that. Allah ya bar zumunchi. Amin.

However, since the formal declaration of Ganduje as the over-all winner of the 2019 gubernatorial election, many observers have continue to express divergent views. Not surprisingly however, whereas some are elated about the outcome, many others are deeply saddened and depressed with the turn of events.

No doubt, the voting patterns has bring into the fore, two inter-related issues. First, a strong desire for change in the status quo ante by especially youth and second, a firm resolve and preference to maintain the current order of things by elders. But while the former premised their resolved for change based on Ganduje’s purported inability to continue with free education policy of kwankwasiyya, and foreign sponsorship of students to pursue diverse field of studies; and the infamous Gandollars debacle; the latter chooses continuity no matter what, and going forward.

So overall, Kanawa were caught in-between the devil and deep blue sea in terms of limited choice. Come to think of it, politically, most people don’t like Ganduje and Morally, Kwankwaso may not be the right choice for obvious reasons. But by voting for Ganduje however, Kanawa have chosen the lesser of the two evils in terms of how their resources can be utilized and religious feelings and sentiments respected.

Personally, most voters don’t have any negative feelings toward Abba Gida Gida. But the History of Kwankwaso’s overbearing influence and domineering character and bear parlour utterances had put off many into direct oppositions to all his political aspirations and that clearly favour Ganduje’s ultimate success.

Indeed, among the many reasons that led to Kwankwasiyya’s shocking defeat in the last re-run poll, suffice it to mention some that are by no means exhaustive as follows:

First, had Abba Gida Gida won, a complex state like kano would have been saddled with an inexperience administrator who would need more time to learn some basic rudiments of governance. And Kwankwaso would have been the de-factor governor by proxy-a situation many people find deeply reprehensible. In addition to that, most Kanawa are opposed to Kwankwaso doing ‘third term’ as governor of Kano which would have pave the way for the politics of ‘god-Fatherism’ in Kano with all its attendant negative after-effects.

Moreover, politics of witch-hunt, and vendetta would have been entrenched in the state had PDP snatched victory. And nobody is sure whether current ongoing projects in the metropolitan city will be completed. A side these, there have been justified palpable fear that Kwankwaso’s dream for another shot at presidency will be solely finance by Kano tax payers money having effectively taken control of all the levers of power and its finances?

The unfortunate phenomenon whereby our youth who happens to be leaders of tomorrow were more-often-than-not misled and used and dumped by kwankwasiyya also justifies his rejections. It is so unfortunates that the youth of now a days have no respect for elders. They can abused and destroyed whoever tries to interfere with their pretentious idiosyncrasies courtesy of Kwankwaso’s negative utterances and influence and that was why, potion of the Ulama class, and all those given to moral nuances and sensitivities worked against Him.

At the time, when Kwankwaso was the governor, peaceful coexistence in Kano was a very scarce commodity. Those who can vividly recall, can attest to how Kano businesses, commerce and industries were destroyed by unfriendly government policies that were clearly injurious to the well-being of Kano. I’m sure that, such inherent fear of a repeat of that negative situations had contributed greatly into the ultimate electoral defeat of Kwankwasiyya cult, and from all indication, that may well be the last struck that will finally consign Kwankwasiyya cult into political perdition and oblivion.

One hope that Ganduje’s had fought victory will usher in new resolve to take Kano to the next level in terms of more dividend of democracy for all, especially poor rural dwellers who massively voted for the governor despite being neglected and left at the periphery of underdevelopment

Kabir Tsakuwa


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