The Ministers President Buhari Will Appoint


Nigerians are anxiously waiting for President Buhari’s list of ministers. Buhari’s delay in appointing his ministers have attracted curiosity from most Nigerians on the type of ministers he will appoint. 

Many Nigerians expect Buhari to take a different direction from the previous style of presenting names of ministerial nominees to the Senate without their portfolios. If Buhari can be bold enough to send the names of ministerial nominees with their portfolios attached against their respective names, it will make a great difference and make the screening easier for the Senators while also giving Nigerians a foreknowledge of how each nominee may fare in his/her post. Though, one must admit that being eloquent on stage does not necessarily translate into performing very well in the field. Buhari should also endeavor to include young individuals in his cabinet; it will enliven his cabinet with new ideas and ‘young minds passion’ for adventures. 

This government needs some young adventurers- great thinkers, silicon-valley-like-thinkers; men and women who can move the government with the speed of the imagination of most Nigerians. Buhari needs individuals whose senses of judgment is centered on the challenges of un-locking the future for ordinary Nigerians.

Supporters and admirers of Buhari should not be deceived. Buhari also needs politicians in his cabinet; complete sidelining of politicians may be a political suicide for Buhari. He needs them in some areas- especially to hold the political front for him when the need arises.

There are some ministries that Buhari should hold dear- petroleum, finance, solid minerals, rural development, education, health, and agriculture. These ministries should be manned by professionals. Mr. President should be very strong in this regard. If he finds competent professionals from a village in Bayelsa who can effectively steer these ministries, he should be brave enough to appoint them. When professionals are appointed to man very important ministries, they know what is expected of them. They know they are called to rebuild a system that will shift the governance away from the traditional method of concentrating on only ‘off-the-shelves’ way of improving our society. They will not only saddle themselves with the responsibilities within their portfolio; but also be team players that will bring new and feasible ideas that will trigger development in all spheres of the society. They will help put in place, systems that will bring dynamism into governance.

Buhari needs to start a yearly continuous assessment of ministers. Each minister should be given realistic and measurable targets to achieve within a year or two. This is will leapfrog development; bring new thinking and fresh approach to governance. This will also make the cabinet an engine-room to provide broad variety of services to Nigerians, ranging from health to industrial development, security, a sound legal system, and the provision of effective infrastructure and education system and human capital development.

Zayyad I. Muhammad writes from Jimeta, Adamawa State,, 08036070980. He blogs at


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