Why PDP Needs Nuhu Ribadu

If Nuhu Ribadu finally succumbs to pressure from PDP’s high level to accept the party’s governorship ticket in the forthcoming Adamawa governorship election- some major events will occur and the present dynamics of Adamawa politics will change.
Some of the contestants for the PDP governorship ticket, their supporters and godfathers will be aggrieved- the bubble may burst. 
With Ribadu (a less tainted politician) as its candidate, the PDP will be very comfortable at campaign rallies- PDP’s campaign’s pay-off would be: Ribadu is a complete opposite of Nyako. And, Adamawa central will have the chance to produce the Governor of the state.
On the other hand, the APC with Atiku’s guidance will present a sophisticated counter-move to get massive support from some portions of Adamawa people. The APC would also use the Adamawa central ‘card’, but with an additional political move- its candidate will be from Adamawa central, but different from Nuhu in terms of tongue and faith.
The way high-wired consultations and calculations are taking place in Abuja; Nuhu’s PDP’s candidacy may be a done deal- except if Nuhu tenaciously refuses.- a real Nigerian politician wouldn’t; Nuhu has since learned how to be a true Nigerian politician. 
Nuhu Ribadu’s likelihood of winning the governorship position on the platform of the PDP is 85%, while on APC’s is 40%. PDP’s likelihood of winning the governorship position with Nuhu as its candidate is 85%, while APC’s likelihood of winning with Nuhu as its candidate is 55%. – So, Nuhu is the ‘beautiful bride’
Nuhu Ribadu has charisma, he’s well-read, urbane and not tainted, but Nigerian politics does not recognize such a beautiful Resume! 

Zayyad I. Muhammad writes from Jimeta, zaymohd@yahoo.com, 08036070980


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